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Treatment Techniques and Modalities

Every Recovery Physical Therapy patient is treated according to a personalized plan of care that incorporates a wide range of different treatment techniques, modalities, and technologies. Throughout the course of treatment, a patient’s PT will continually monitor their progress, employing advanced technologies such as our Biodex equipment to monitor clinically significant improvement metrics. This approach ensures that patients’ care is informed by real measurable results and accelerates progress towards total recovery.

Below you will find more information about some of the specific methods Recovery PT employs to deliver optimal outcomes for our patients.

Therapeutic Modalities
Therapeutic modalities may involve a simple technique like applying ice (cryotherapy) for an acute injury or more complex modalities like cold lasers to reduce pain and swelling. Therapeutic modalities, when appropriately applied to the patient, are a useful adjunct to therapeutic exercise in the rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries. The orthopedic/sports therapist makes decisions regarding what type of modality, as well as when and how to best apply the modality based on theoretical knowledge and clinical experience.

Manual Therapeutic Techniques
Recovery Physical Therapy’s  licensed clinicians use a variety of manual techniques to relieve pain, increase range of motion (ROM), build strength, improve circulation and increase a patient’s overall mobility.

Strength Training Techniques
Developing muscle strength (the ability to generate force against some resistance), endurance (the ability to perform muscle contractions for an extended period of time), and power (a large amount of force generated quickly) is critical to the success of any good training and conditioning program for athletes and is also essential to restoring the functional capacity of patients, both athletes and non-athletes, in a rehabilitation program following an injury.

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