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NFL ACL Recount

Re-reviewing the updated NfL injury reports, I stand corrected on Tuesday’s post regarding the prevalence of ACL tears suffered by players this season. I’d counted ten, and the number appears to be at least 15, or possibly 16.

Joining his colleague Ernest Graham on my list is Tampa Bay Safety Cody Grimm, who tore his right ACL and MCL and was placed on IR at end-September. Like Grimm, Dominique Foxworth, a Baltimore Ravens CB, was placed on Injured Reserve on 9/28, only in his case, this was reportedly due to post-op complications that have rendered him ineffective following ACL surgery that took place after he suffered the injury during practice in July of 2010. Foxworth should get honorary mention on this list. Jameson Konz, Seahawks TE, is out for the season after tearing his ACL during his NFL debut in the Seahawks upset of the Giants on October 9th. Other October ACL injuries include those to Indianapolis Colts rookie Tight-end Ben Ijalana, who was hurt in week 4, and Green Bay Packers RB , Alex Green, who succumbed to his ACL in week 7.

I couldn’t get a read on what is going on with Michael Sims-Walker, Jacksonville Jaguars wide-receiver, whose still or again ailing knee put him on IR this week. At 27, Sims-Walker has a “long” history of knee issues that included ACL surgery while in college, and a knee sprain and staph infection in 2008. Sims-Walker is slated to undergo a new knee surgery, the details of which have not been reported. He was added to this ACL list as a result.

Keep in mind that there are so many more players out with knee injuries, many of them sprains or cartilage damage. ACLs by no means corner this market. Add to that the insane number of hamstring strains and other extraneous related injuries and you will be astounded at the number of guys who are out or playing hurt. Also staggering are the stats on achilles, foot and ankle injuries, which seem far more prevalent than shoulder and back problems this season. Concussions, as always, remain a big concern as well.

My next post will be on hand fractures, such as the one with which Chargers RB Willis McGahee plans to play this weekend.

What injuries would you like to read about? Let me know!

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