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Orthotics Fitting

RPT offers orthotics fitting in the new york city areaThe anatomy of our feet differs from person to person, making each of us compensate in specific, individual ways in order to adapt to our putting full weight across the plantar surface (bottom) of our feet. Compensations that can occur when weight bearing can include dropping the arch down, rolling the ankles, and rotating the knees and hips in which can alter alignment all the way up the spine. You may actually experience back pain because of poor biomechanics at the foot and ankle. The use of orthotics to control foot deformities has been met with great debate, however the use of orthotics as part of a rehabilitation program focused on normalizing the kinetic chain from ground up, has been supported in a number of clinical studies.

Much of today’s debate is whether or not there is any clinical difference between the “over-the-counter” orthotics and the “custom-made” orthotic, however much of the published research does not differentiate among the vast number of different types of custom-made orthotics.

At RPT we believe that a number of patients will have the ability to strengthen the kinetic chain and get relief of their symptoms however others, with more significant alignment issues, may also benefit from a custom made orthotic. A custom orthotic is not simply an insole but rather takes into account your unique anatomy and is designed to allow you to function in a more “neutral” foot alignment. At RPT we have the ability to do a thorough evaluation of foot biomechanics and custom orthotic assessment when indicated.

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