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What to Expect as a New Patient

Treatment with RPT is somewhat different from the typical physical therapy experience. We understand that every patient and every injury is truly a unique situation and have built our new patient process around this basic philosophy of individualized care. Here’s what to expect:

  1. First, before your first visit, we suggest you visit our Insurance & Forms page to download, fill out, and print the New Patient Forms. Our locations generally run “on schedule”, so arriving a few minutes early with your paperwork already filled out will ensure you can begin your first PT session right away.
  2.  During your first visit, your PT will carefully evaluate your injury or condition. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that isn’t constricting (gym clothes are perfect) since your initial evaluation will typically involve some basic exercises and/or stretches. Your PT will also ask you questions about any pain, functional limitations, or other symptoms you’ve been experiencing.
  3.  After you’ve been evaluated, you and your PT will  discuss a Plan of Care, fully aligned with your doctor’s prescription, that will serve as a general roadmap for your treatment program with RPT. We understand that each patient is different when it comes to scheduling flexibility or motivation to pursue PT; this is why the Plan of Care is a collaborative process. Together you will agree to a schedule that works for you and allows us to achieve clinical milestones that will indicate that progress is being made.  We know from experience that the best possible outcomes happen when an effective Plan of Care is in place and adhered to.
  4.  Once you have a Plan of Care in place, the most important thing for you to do is stick to it! We suggest booking as many visits as possible on a schedule that works for you so that physical therapy becomes a part of your weekly routine until you’re recovered. Our online scheduling system makes it easy to request an appointment anytime and if you ever need to make a change, just give us a call at least 24 hours before and we’ll be happy to accommodate.


  • “I have had chronic shoulder issues since high school sports. My previous physical therapy experiences were of minimal help. Now that I am middle aged and looking at surgery, I heard about Recovery PT from colleagues and decided to give it one more chance. Following an 8 week program, not only was my chronically subluxating […]” Read More- Andrew H,
    Patient at RPT Rockefeller Center
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