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Soft Tissue Massage

Therapeutic massage techniques utilized by physical therapists are a vastly improved and more scientific version of the ancient massage techniques of the Greeks, Egyptians and others.

With a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, a physical therapist at RPT understands how a variety of “hands-on” techniques can be used, either alone or in combination, to decrease pain, increase circulation, decrease muscle spasm, increase muscle flexibility, and improve overall mobility. A therapist may utilize the classic massage techniques like effleurage (gentle gliding over tissue), and petrissage (kneading manipulation of the muscle), or more advanced techniques like deep friction (movements designed to lessen scar tissue, absorb swelling and decrease muscle spasm) and trigger point/soft tissue release (designed to elongate the muscle fascia and decrease muscle tension).

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  • “Shannon helped me recover from a broken ankle. She is a fantastic therapist. In a few weeks she guided me from essentially immobile to plyometrics. She is thoughtful and sensitive, obviously very knowledgeable, charming and professional. Scheduling was convenient, and she was in touch with my doctor and very forthcoming with helpful information. All of […]” Read More- Bernard B.,
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